Order Entry Instructions

15 DRS Markets supports the following order types, with Transmission Speeds of less than 1 Millisecond**, ideal for the active trader searching for the best performance.

Market Orders –orders are executed from 9:30am to 16:00pm EST. Market orders are executed at the current market price. Price is not guaranteed but execution is within normal market hours.
Limit Orders – these orders can be placed and executed from 08:00am to 20:00pm EST. Limit orders are filled at the limit price or better.
Stop Market Orders –used to trigger an order once the symbol trades at a the specified stop price. Once the symbol trades at that price, a market order is triggered. With stop market orders, execution is guaranteed, but price is not.
Stop Limit Orders – two prices are specified with this order type. The Stop price,which is the trigger and then the limit price, which is the price that the order is placed, once the order is triggered. Stop Limit orders have a fixed execution price, but execution itself is not guaranteed
MOC – Market on Close Orders are used to execute as close to the closing price as possible. All MOC orders must be received by the NYSE and AMEX by 15:45pm EST. Orders that are accepted cannot be cancelled after 15:45pm EST.
LOC – Limit on Close Orders will execute if the closing price is at or better than the submitted limit price. All LOC orders must be received by the NYSE and AMEX by 15:45pm EST and orders cannot be cancelled after 3:45pm EST.
Range – One Cancels Other (OCO). This type requires a high price and a low price, specified by the user. If one side executes, the other will cancel. Example: Trader is long 100 AAPL $ 535.00. A range order can be used to place a stop below (low price) and limit above (high price), if one side executes, the other cancels


Day – These orders are live and accepted from 09:30am to 16:00pm EST
GTC – Good til Cancel – These orders can be placed on the platform 24/7. They will be sent out for execution at the start of the next trading day at 09:30am EST. GTC Orders will remain active until they are either cancelled or executed.
GTX – This order type will keep an order live until the end of the trading session
IOC – Immediate or Cancel orders are orders that are cancelled if they are not immediately partially or wholly executed.
FOK – similar to IOC orders, but these will only execute if the entire order can be executed.
Conditional Order- a user can set up one order, and then if that order executes, a second order is sent. This can be combined with the Range Order with up to three conditions. The conditional order entry interface provides for real-time Level 1 price and volume updates.
Example: Set a Buy stop order where if the stock gets to a certain price, the stock is bought. Then after condition 1 is met, send a range order where a limit above is sent for profit and a stop below to protect for losses. If one of those sides executes, the other cancels automatically.

Custom Alert settings for stock movements -never miss a market move, setup your own alerts! Create Alerts and alarms based on bid/ask or last trade, as well as on orders being filled or rejected.

Short Locate-this window allows traders to locate hard to borrow securities that are not on our easy-to-borrow list. It allows traders to query the current day’s easy-to-borrow list. Upon initiating a locate,the trader is presented with the cost per share to borrow the stock. The locate can either be accepted or rejected. If accepted, that symbol and the corresponding shares are allocated directly to the trader’s account where they can then short and cover that amount of shares for the trading day.

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CFDs are a leveraged product and carry a high level of risk to your capital as prices may move rapidly against you.
It is possible to lose more than your initial investment and you may be required to make further payments.
You should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose.
These products may not be suitable for all customers therefore you must ensure that you understand all the risks involved in trading CFDs.

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